We join your teams to transition your company to modern practices in DevOps, cloud, test automation, and microservices.

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/ Software As A Service

We love sharing our expertise; we help you leave legacy processes behind, we provide training to level up your technical skills.

IT Solutions

DevOps, Building your Deployment Pipeline, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Containerization with Docker and Kubernetes, Test Automation Enablement, Performance Automation Enablement, ChatOps and SecOps practices, Measurement enablement, Maturity Assessment, Transition Framework, Team Transition, Observability Maturity


CQRS Services, Caching Implementation, Event Sourcing, RESTful API Transition, Service Discovery, DotNet Core Refactoring, Restructuring the FrontEnd, RESTful Services, .NET Modernization, Splitting the Monolith, Domain Driven Design


Application Modernization, Microservices Transition, Splitting the Monolith, Stateless Refactoring, Caching Implementation, RESTful API Transition, DotNet Core Refactoring, Restructuring the FrontEnd, Domain Driven Design, Cloud-Native Transition Soft, Software and Infrastructure Architecture